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Our Family

As is customary in Austria we run our winery, founded in 1912, as a family business. In 2003 we took it over from Josef's parents as the 5th generation of winegrowers, and have made it what it is today.

Although the next change of generations is still some years ahead of us, the handover has already been planned, together and for a long time. Johannes will one day follow in Josef's footsteps, and he is already involved in all our decisions today. Teresa's opinion is also important to us, and will remain so.



Josef cannot imagine any other profession, and has never wanted to be anything other than a winemaker, even in his earliest youth. He attended the winemaking school in Klosterneuburg, where he graduated in 1987. His favourite grape variety is Roter Veltliner, which strongly influences the orientation of the winery. It was Josef who in 1999 made sure that this ancient variety was given a permanent place in Österreich Wein’s Salon competition, and has gradually become the secret “great one“ of the Wagram.

Josef describes himself as determined, ambitious, and very critical of his own wines. He loves challenges and sometimes sets himself seemingly unrealistic goals in order to achieve them, such as producing Roter Traminer in barriques in the Wagram. At first laughed at, this wine is among the best-rated today!



Irene actually wanted to become a gardener. Today she is a winemaker and has made it her passion. Her favourite grape varieties are Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, and Riesling. Irene's second passion is cooking. She can create wonderful dishes from any ingredient, always pairing with one of our wines.

Under Irene's aegis, sales and administration have been professionalized at the winery, but she still prefers to be outside in the vineyards. Not surprisingly, as she herself has roots in a small winery in Oberstockstall.


Next to his master's degree in oenology, viticulture and wine management, Johannes has been at the winery since 2018. However, during this time he also completed several internships, for example at the Keller winery in Dalsheim.

Johannes has inherited both his father's love for wine and his mother's love for food, and so is the family's gourmet. But it's not only good food and drink that mean a lot to him, he also loves a variety of exciting sports. In addition to soccer and skiing, he also has some experience with kitesurfing. 


Theresia plays clarinet and enjoys horseriding through the vineyards of the Wagram to relax. She studies occupational therapy at the IMC in Krems, and would like to work in medicine or health science. Even if her path leads her away from the vineyard, she still loves wine, especially Pinot Blanc.

Her opinion on all aspects of the winery remains important to us, as she has the social skills.


This Golden Retriever is the youngest member of our family, and he takes part in every activity in the yard or the cellar. When things get a little hectic, Jimmy is our haven of peace.

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